• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Community Gaming announces full on-chain carbon emission offset

Community Gaming, the leading esports competition platform, will collaborate with KlimaDAO and the Play2Learn Foundation to fully offset its carbon emissions on the blockchain, becoming climate positive in the process. 

Preservation of the rainforest is a key aspect of this. The partnership will help reduce the carbon footprint with the development and adoption of initiatives focused on building a sustainable Web3 ecosystem, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

Using Web3 to improve climate finance 

Klima DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Change, is using the benefits of Web3 technology to link climate finance to international sustainability initiatives and reduce market fragmentation. 

Play2Learn and Community Gaming were able to implement their projects using KlimaDAO’s building blocks, which enable composable and high-impact carbon solutions based on Web3 and mass market participation. 

The two platforms are using the KLIMA token to participate in the market. Chris Gonsalves, CEO of Community Gaming, commented:

It was of paramount importance to us to do our part to make sure we’re giving back more than we’re taking and to mitigate our impact on the environment. Community Gaming is proud to be climate positive. Our partnership with KlimaDAO and the Play2Learn Foundation has made it possible for us to impact the environment positively.

Prioritizing education 

The Play2Learn Foundation has made education and Web3 environmental impact policies a priority in addition to its traditional goal of onboarding more people to the latest technologies and expanding financial inclusion. 

The foundation has been proactive in making sustainability one of Community Gaming’s core principles over time. 

Play2Learn Foundation Director David Garpenstahl said: 

The Play2Learn Foundation has already offset 500 tonnes of MCO2 along with 200 tonnes of NCT, equating to about 4,200 mature trees being planted or preserved. This initial contribution not only pushed Community Gaming towards being CO2-negative with their on-chain emissions but laid the needed groundwork for Community Gaming to become more environmentally conscious and climate positive as an organization.

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