• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

World’s biggest social token GARI gets listed on Bitrue

The world’s biggest Social Token GARI has announced its listing on one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges Bitrue.

After listing the social token, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue, Adam O’Neil, said:

“We’re always looking for exciting new projects to join our platform, allowing our user base of almost 9 million traders to find the next great project that will bring benefits for them. We are confident that our cooperation with GARI will be warmly received by our traders and community.”

GARI token

GARI is the native token of Chingari, a short-video social app that has become very popular around the world. Chingari allows short-video creators to monetize their content on the blockchain through its mining program.

Besides content monetization, the GARI token has several other in-app utilities and it is also the governance token of the GARI DAO.

Chingari’s main objective is to institutionalize the short-video space and promote its growth and advancement and the technology behind digital assets and blockchain. GARI provides a short-form tool for newcomers to seamlessly onboard the crypto space.

Following the listing of GARI on Bitrue, Chingari’s CEO and co-founder Sumit Ghosh said:

“Partnering with Bitrue is a great opportunity for us and is a key milestone for achieving our market penetration goals. Our ideal of seamlessly bringing crypto to the interested audience through an introduction of GARI via simple and easy granular in-app mechanics is now closer to reality.”

GARI price

At press time, the GARI token was trading at $0.07423 with a 0.12% rise over the past 24 hours. GARI price has largely been on a bearish trend since August 18. 

However, the news of its new listing is expected to cause a significant price hike though.   

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