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While Monero Fights to Hold Its Value, Metacade is Set To Soar in Early 2023

Now that the bear market is well and truly with us, it offers the perfect chance for veteran investors to review the market and identify which projects have what it takes to survive. In doing so, investors are able to spot those projects, old and new, which offer big potential for the next bull run and the chance to produce immense returns.

Monero is a project that has divided analysts. It faces an increasingly hostile regulatory environment and has experienced a large price decrease over 2022 – both of these factors have a great impact on the Monero price prediction. 

Many are wondering whether Monero can find a place for the long term and are moving their investments to cutting-edge new projects such as Metacade.

Metacade is garnering a lot of interest from investment funds, as the project looks to be on the cusp of reshaping the gaming industry and putting players at the center of the value structure. 

Is Metacade contributing to Monero’s decline?

Monero has maintained a dedicated following due to its focus on an element of cryptocurrency that many believe is at the heart of the technology — privacy. With central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on the horizon, it’s no surprise that Monero’s supporters are more adamant than ever that their project plays an important role, despite a poor Monero price prediction.

The privacy that Monero provides, however, is likely to face significant problems as regulation looms for cryptocurrencies in 2023. If new regulations take away the privacy associated with Monero transactions, the company’s USP is gone; therefore, it’s no surprise that many holders are looking elsewhere for a project with a higher chance of lasting success. Metacade is a project that is stirring up a lot of interest across the whole industry, so it’s no surprise to see many XMR holders switching allegiance.

What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that aims to deliver upon one of the earliest visions of digital cash — that is, untraceable and anonymous payments. 

The open-source project utilizes a skilled technical team to continually drive the technology forward and also has developed a mining structure that ensures that even small miners can benefit from helping to secure the network. 

Monero price prediction general: Can XMR survive regulation?

While XMR is not likely to fare well in the face of more regulation coming in, that doesn’t mean the project is doomed. Even if it becomes increasingly difficult to buy Monero through the typical ways that investors buy crypto, Monero will likely always have a thriving black market for those wishing to stay anonymous.

Taking this, and wider cryptocurrency prices, into consideration for the Monero price prediction, XMR is likely to see a drop in 2023 to around $90, as users are prohibited from trading and buying it through licensed exchanges. If it can carve out a space for itself beyond that, we could see the price back up at the current levels of around $160 by 2025.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is an inventive new project, generating a lot of buzz throughout the industry. This follows the Metacade team having published a widely acclaimed new whitepaper detailing the plans to redefine the gaming industry by allowing gamers to earn as they play.

The project centers around the building of the world’s biggest play-to-earn arcade, allowing gamers to monetize their gaming experience through a comprehensive rewards system.

How does MCADE work?

Gamers are able to earn rewards distributed as MCADE tokens, which serve as the currency of the platform and provide utility to the Metacade ecosystem. It enables both purchases and access fees (such as tournament entry) and also has staking options that offer MCADE holders the chance to put their tokens to work and earn a passive income in return.

Metagrants is another innovative program that features in the roadmap and contributes to the ecosystem development plans by allowing capable game development teams to show their game concepts to the community for feedback. MCADE holders can then vote to distribute funds to projects that deserve them.

The success of the Metacade presale illustrates what high potential the project has, with an incredible $5.4m raised already since it launched.

Metacade price prediction general: Where can MCADE reach?

Metacade looks set to generate high returns, and with the project set to start onboarding users in 2023, the price of MCADE could rise very soon in anticipation of this. MCADE reaching $1 this year seems reasonable, given the investor interest.

By 2025 the platform is likely to have delivered on much of the potential it holds, meaning that an $8 MCADE may not be unrealistic by the end of the year.

Should investors choose Monero or Metacade for the biggest returns?

XMR will likely be part of the cryptocurrency landscape for years to come, but this doesn’t make it a good choice of investment right now in light of the Monero price prediction and competitive cryptocurrency prices. In contrast, Metacade is showing signs of being a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity, especially for those who are able to pick it up for the ridiculously low prices available during the presale.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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