• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

USD isn’t Maker’s only problem: DAOs are broken

  • Laguna Labs CEO Stefan Rust says MakerDAO’s quest to free float DAI is a great move.
  • However, he says the whole idea of DAOs isn’t the utopian democracy people think they are.

Stefan Rust, CEO of blockchain innovation hub Laguna Labs, says proposals to have Maker DAO’s native token fully depegged from the US dollar might not be the only problem out there for the crypto platform.

According to Rust, even more pressing could be the structure of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). He says this is what Maker and the broader crypto industry needs to focus on even as events elsewhere inform the desire to depeg Dai.

The Laguna Labs CEO’s comments, shared with CoinJournal on Wednesday, come a few days after MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen discussed why depegging the native token DAI from USD Coin (USDC) might be Maker’s way forward.

The Maker co-founder’s advice to the community was tempered with what he summed as concerns over a “physical crackdown against crypto” by an authoritarian system. The views followed the US Treasury’s sanctions on crypto mixing service Tornado Cash.

Rust says DAOs are broken

According to Rune, and in reference to Maker’s DAI plans, the whole DAO ecosystem is “broken” and needs fixing if the crypto industry is to see even more growth.

“This is a great idea and one I’m excited to watch Maker DAO explore,” Rust said referring to the DAI depeg discussion. “[But] the US dollar is not, however, Maker’s only problem: the governance model of all decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), needs serious attention if the cryptocurrency industry is to thrive,” he added.

The problems bedevilling the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem as seen over the past few years, with hacks and Ponzi scheme-like projects seeing many people lose huge amounts of money adds to the whole outlook of the DAO ecosystem being broken.

Not the utopian democracy you think

Rust also notes that, even though most users find DeFi an “intimidating space,” the DAOs governing many of the protocols within the industry simply do not work. 

He believes DAOs do not run on the kind of utopian democracy that most within the crypto space would like to think they are.

Indeed, as we saw recently with Maker DAO and its “community” vote to allow US banks to borrow DAI while adding US Treasuries to the portfolio, like all democracies, DAOs are open to outsized influence from those with the largest share of tokens, or the ability to sway opinion.”

In his opinion, Rust sees the best path forward for crypto following the recent booms and busts would be for the sector to pivot to its original mission of a “decentralised, censorship-resistant financial ecosystem.”

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