• Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Unizen launches the first version of its Trade Aggregator

The first version of the Unizen Trade Aggregator tool is now live, and the team expects subsequent versions to come with improvements. 

Unizen, a CeDeFi exchange, announced via a Medium post that it had launched the first version of its Trade Aggregator

This latest cryptocurrency news means that the Unizen Trade Aggregator v1 is now live after the team spent the last two years working on the tool. 

According to the team, the aim of the Unizen Trade Aggregator is to enable a web3 interface for the cross-chain universe. The solution would make digital assets easily accessible to everyone, Unizen added. 

This is the first version, and the team said it expects further improvements in the subsequent versions. The team said it had laid the foundation of the tool’s core mechanics: enabling access to thousands of digital assets across seven blockchains and 70 DEXs, all through a single, easy-to-use interface that should be easily recognizable by most users.

With the launch of the  Unizen Trade Aggregator, Unizen users now have the opportunity to enjoy some features.

The tool means that Unizen users don’t have to move between decentralised exchanges (DEXs) to access some crypto assets. Furthermore, users don’t have to switch between different blockchain bridges to move their funds, and no more exposure to phishing attacks and clunky UIs.

Unizen said the tool also ensures that its users no longer have to navigate to CMC/CoinGecko to collect token information.

According to Unizen, the features are extra benefits that were introduced by the Unizen Operating System with the launch of the Unizen Trade Aggregator. 

Unizen remains committed to addressing reports that would help improve the user experience in real time. The team said it would push frequent updates into production to ensure user experience improves. 

Furthermore, Unizen said it would continue to add data sources, liquidity pools, and supported assets to its tool. 

Unizen concluded that it would introduce CEX aggregation, stop-loss, custom liquidity pools, professional technical analysis tools, more unique trading insights, fiat conversions, token burns, and increasing ZCX’s utility over the coming months. 

Unizen has been making huge changes in recent months. In August, the team appointed crypto veteran Michael Healy as its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

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