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Top 11 Metaverse Crypto That Will Make You a Fortune in 2023

As 2023 comes into focus, it brings with it a world of opportunities to invest in some of the top metaverse crypto for both short and long-term holding. While the great crypto crash has reset values across the board, the investment opportunities which are arising have actually never been better.

2023 will bring with it the rise of some of the best metaverse crypto gains yet, both new and old. While it may take some older metaverse crypto projects longer to regain their once lofty highs, newer metaverse projects have a realistic chance to see dramatic gains in 2023.

The Future of the Metaverse

2022 was a rough year for projects and platforms across the whole crypto sphere. Metaverse tokens soared towards the end of 2021 but tanked during the first half of 2022. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) lost virtually as much value as fungible currencies like Bitcoin. Nevertheless, 2023 is poised to post record gains in the Web3 space, as GameFi is set to explode, bringing the value of NFTs and metaverse projects up with it. 

Gaming is becoming increasingly integral to our culture, evidenced by the global gaming market set to surpass $250 billion by 2025. With the rising popularity of the metaverse, online gaming, and the play to earn opportunities of GameFi – some of the top metaverse crypto are set to become fortune makers.

11 Top Metaverse Crypto Opportunities

  1. Metacade (MCADE) – Community Run GameFi Hub

  2. Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual World Builder

  3. Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace

  4. Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual World Creation

  5. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner

  6. Axie Infinity (AXS) – Creature Battling Game

  7. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft Inspired Open World

  8. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game

  9. Illuvium (ILV) – Open World RPG Game

  10.  Wizardia (WZRD) – Fantasy Magic RPG Game

  11. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – NFT Lottery Game

1. Metacade (MCADE) –  Stealing the Show – Community Run GameFi Hub

With its presale just getting underway, Metacade is one of the newest and most exciting of the top metaverse crypto set to jump in 2023. A community-driven gaming hub, Metacade is the virtual arcade where users have the power to shape the future of gaming. 

Play-to-earn gaming is at the heart of Metacade but gamers will have a variety of ways to earn beyond this, including posting top games, writing reviews, entering into the freshest gaming tournaments, and staking. With the added incentive of earning from all of these contributions, the majority of wealth will go directly to the gamers themselves, as opposed to corporations.

Rewards will be given in the game’s native token, MCADE. 

Metacade community members will be able to communicate in real time, discussing and voting on changes and improvements to games. A major addition to the platform will be Metagrants, a source of funding given to game developers to turn their ideas into reality. Members will vote on game proposals and the winner will be given funding to go and bring their game into reality. 

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2. Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual World Builder

Decentraland is one of the original metaverse spaces, giving users the chance to purchase and own plots of digital land. They then have the ability to build up that land in any way they wish, such as by creating games or marketplaces to generate a source of income. It’s also possible to rent the land out to others. 

As one of the top metaverse crypto locations, Decentraland has gained a good reputation and a dedicated following. However, the crypto crash has dropped the value of Decentraland significantly from its all-time high and left its plots of virtual land more expensive than the market seems to currently tolerate.

3. Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace

Quint is one of the more unique of the best metaverse crypto to own in 2023, as it seeks to blend the metaverse and the real world in novel ways. Like many of the other top metaverse crypto projects, it allows users to buy and sell on an NFT marketplace, stake their tokens, and play to earn. On top of this, it hosts super staking events where players can earn real world rewards such as hotel stays and restaurant discounts. 

Quint will also create a boutique marketplace that gives users the option to have NFTs printed, framed, and delivered, so that people have a physical-world use case for their digital NFT.

4. Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual World Creation

Much like Decentraland, Sandbox is a digital world where users can purchase and build on their own plots of land, giving users onus on how it is used. 

Backed by established investors SoftBank, and partnered with gaming companies Atari and production companies Lionsgate, Sandbox looks to create unique worlds (like a “Hellboy” themed project in the works) where users can explore, build, trade, and otherwise capitalize how they see fit in order to earn the digital tokens, SAND.

5. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner

MetaHero is another unique addition to the list of top metaverse crypto to own in 2023. It wants to change the way the metaverse looks by creating the world’s largest and most realistic library of metaverse assets. 

To accomplish this, MetaHero will scan real-world objects and people in order to make the metaverse as realistic as possible. This means that, instead of having a digitally created avatar, you’ll have one that looks exactly like you, and be able to buy and trade items that are exact replicas of ones in the real world.

6. Axie Infinity (AXS) – Creature Battling Game

This Pokemon-inspired game gives users the ability to own, upgrade, and battle their own proprietary creatures, affectionately known as Axies, throughout a digital universe created by Sky Mavis Studio. 

Completing quests and other activities within the universe can earn players rewards, though there is a limit to the amount you can earn daily, which has led to controversial renting out of assets. Desipite the crypto crash has decimating both the value and popularity of the game, its token is still considered one of the top metaverse cryptos to own.

7. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft Inspired Open World

This top metaverse crypto comes from a game with an open world inspired by the uber popular Minecraft, giving players a familiar feel, controls, and in-game mechanics. With a variety of different “worlds”, users can choose from a multitude of maps to explore, build, and interact with other users. 

They can create games or marketplaces where in-game goods can then be exchanged for real world value. And while not officially associated with Minecraft, it will allow cross platform compatibility, meaning that anyone with a Minecraft account can also access NFT Worlds.

8. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game

Star Atlas offers a gigantic multiplayer metaverse where players must choose between one of three unique factions, battling for control of territory and resources. This game combines the extensive world of an MMORPG with the earning opportunity of GameFi NFTs, allowing players the chance to earn as they engage in combat, crafting, and guild warfare. 

Players can influence the outcome of battles or explore the sci-fi universe in their custom spaceship in order to find in-game assets with real world value.

9. Illuvium (ILV) – Open World RPG Game

Illuvium combines the creature-raising world of Axie Infinity with an open-world role-playing game where users can explore a vibrant and beautiful landscape to complete quests and discover creatures called Illuvials. Illuvials have their own classes, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and with over 100 of them, collecting them all will take some time. 

They can also be traded amongst users, along with custom skins and other collectibles, for ILV tokens. With only 10 million tokens to ever be released, the value of ILV has a chance to increase as popularity in the game rises, making Illuvium one of the top metaverse cryptos that has a chance to skyrocket in value.

10. Wizardia (WZRD) – Fantasy Magic RPG Game

Next up on the list comes Wizardia, a popular fantasy RPG where users create their own unique characters, level them up, and upgrade their gear in an attempt to become the ultimate wizard. The game offers not just a beautiful visual style, but wild PvP and PvE battles where users must use strategy as well as strength to climb up the leaderboards of the game’s top wizards and earn WZRD tokens. With a token off its highs due to the crypto crash, Wizardia offers a discounted entry into the world of the best metaverse cryptos.

11. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – NFT Lottery Game

Lucky Block is a different type of NFT game in the style of a lottery in which users have a chance to win frequent prize payouts that include some big time prizes, including tickets to a World Cup match and luxury cars. 

With its blockchain-tied lottery, players can be assured that the prize payout is more evenly distributed and fair, though to get the big ticket items you’ll need to purchase their Platinum Roller’s Club NFT, which of course is one of the more expensive NFTs they offer.

Top Metaverse Crypto for 2023 and Beyond

The crypto crash of 2022 has taken a hit out of the value of many of the best metaverse cryptos, which may have a negative affect on their ability to reach new highs in 2023. Fortunately, newer metaverse projects such as Metacade don’t have the negative association with the crypto crash, giving it a significantly better chance to rise in value more quickly than other metaverse crypto tokens. 

As a GameFi hub where users can interact and earn MCADE tokens from a variety of games and actions like testing, writing reviews, sharing alpha, and staking , Metacade could easily be one of the best investment opportunities to make you a fortune in 2023 and beyond. 

It’s set to become the go-to place for gaming enthusiasts and game developers will connect and create the future of metaverse gaming. Metacade provides a space that should expand in popularity and value just as quickly as people can flock to it.

With its 9 stage presale currently in full swing, 125 MCADE tokens for $1 are up for grabs in its initial stage but they will become more expensive as each stage drops, resulting in a final price of 50 MCADE for $1. There are only going to be 1.4 billion tokens available in presale, so they’re likely to sell out sharply. It’s recommended early birds to get on over there to get the best value on this metaverse gaming opportunity. .

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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