• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Planetarium Labs announces the launch of an NFT project for its Nine Chronicles

Planetarium Labs has revealed that its new NFT project will see cats take their rightful place at the center of the Nine Chronicles universe.

Planetarium Labs, the community-driven Web3 game company, announced the launch of its new NFT project on Tuesday, August 23rd. 

The new PFP NFT series called D:CC (De:Centralised Cat) is for Planetarium Labs’ popular decentralised MMORPG, Nine Chronicles. The team added that the public program officially launches to the NFT community on August 24, 2202.

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, PFP NFTs are a type of nonfungible token collection designed to be used as online avatars or profile pictures on social media.

However, the team said the new “D:CC” NFT series Nine Chronicles has unveiled is much more than a simple profile picture. 

According to Planetarium Labs, each PFP is an invitation to players’ alternate identities within the expansive Nine Chronicles universe. The ownership of the NFTs confers each holder numerous benefits, such as exclusive rewards, in-game costumes and items, and additional currencies only available to NFT holders. Members will also get a vote in future collaborations.

Sangmi Seon (Caesty), Art Director of Nine Chronicles commented that;

“Echoing the details and care that we put into every aspect of Nine Chronicles, I wanted the NFT collection to reflect the lively and dynamic world. Each PFP is unique and beautiful.”

JC Kim and Kijun Seo, Co-Founders of Planetarium Labs, added that, 

“We created the D:CC that enriches the world of Nine Chronicles, a robust, collaborative universe created with our community. The NFT collection allows us to expand our creative platform and IP, continuing our growth as we deliver the future of gaming through decentralized content and technologies.”

According to the team, Nine Chronicles also has additional NFT collaboration events planned with leading Web 3 games such as The Sandbox, Sipher, and Delysium.

Nine Chronicles is a decentralised, open-source, free-to-play MMORPG based on Norse mythology and the first title to be developed with Libplanet.

Meanwhile, Planetarium Labs is a community-driven Web3 game company that believes that communities can create infinite possibilities through decentralised innovations. The company strives to empower massively multiplayer online games with creative freedom and player governance.

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