• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

OKX offers 80% APY on staking, announces support for 29 chains

Leading crypto exchange OKX now lists the highest number of USDC trading pairs of any crypto exchange.

It also announced wallet upgrades, introduced high-reward staking for Zebec Protocol (ZBC), and delisted a few perpetual swaps due to low liquidity, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

Ensuring access to a reliable stablecoin 

Since LUNA crashed, OKX has added at least 100 trading pairs with USDC, the second-biggest stablecoin by market cap, to make sure traders have access to a reliable stablecoin that they can use for settlement. No exchange offers more USDC pairs than OKX. 

Potentially lucrative ZBC staking on OKX

OKX will launch ZBC staking at 8:00 PM ET on Aug 16, 2022. Spots cannot be booked in advance. The APY for a 15-day staking term is up to 80% and up to 55% for a 60-day staking term. 

Transforming cash flow, payroll, token vesting

Zebec Protocol allows users to make distributions and send payments every second. It is a continuous settlement platform with the potential to transform cash flow, payroll, and token vesting. 

Zebec launched the flagship on-chain payroll product in the world with integrated tax withholding as well as the first Solana wallet debit card. It has raised $21 million from Coinbase and other industry titans. 

Support for dozens of public chains 

OKX is also upgrading its wallet and adding support for at least 30 public chains. The platform aims to support 50 public chains by the end of the year. If it achieves its goal, it will become an industry leader in this area.

Positive security assessment from SlowMist

OKX Wallet eschews third-party scripts to prevent hacking. Recently, blockchain security firm SlowMist gave it a positive security assessment. 

Finally, OKX will delist perpetual swaps for CONV, RSS3, CQT, BZZ, and LAT due to poor liquidity. This will lead to a better user experience and improve market liquidity. All the swaps being delisted have USDT as the other element in the trading pair.

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