• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

OKX creates 360-degree UX with bots

OKX, the second-biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, has created a 360-degree user experience that lets people choose and copy trading bots with the best strategies, Coin Journal learned from a press release

The best crypto trading bots offer many advantages over manual trading. Bots are not biased by emotion, can work around the clock, and always pick up the latest market trends and tendencies as soon as they materialize. They always adhere to their game plan.

The Bot Marketplace

OKX’s Bot Marketplace displays all bots in the same place so users can see the best time to use a bot, which one can attain the expected goal, and how to get a better return. This will let those who are new to crypto trading copy profitable strategies. 

More experienced users will also share successful strategies to speed up the process. Soon, no one will have any qualms about using bots to trade. OKX Global CMO Haider Rafique said: 

Bots Marketplace is the next milestone after last month’s launch of OKX Lite. It is yet another example of our mission to bring traders and investors world-class trading tools, which are easy to use. We also want to give all our users access to more complex trading tools, including those with the least experience.

He added that the exchange’s Bots Marketplace was a great opportunity for all users to grow their portfolios and expand their knowledge of trading strategies, especially against the backdrop of the bear market. 

Something for everyone 

At the moment, OKX has all kinds of trading bots for users of all experience levels. They include the moon grid, recurring buy, spot grid, futures grid, smart portfolio, arbitrage order, price lock, iceberg, and TWAP.

About OKX

OKX is a leading web3 ecosystem and a highly reliable and efficient crypto exchange for traders and investors all over the world. It has over 20 million customers across the globe. It also has a wallet, exposing people to NFTs and the metaverse while they trade DeFi and GameFi tokens.

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