• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Oasis Pro and Solidus Labs partner to monitor risk and increase compliance

Oasis Pro Markets, the first alternative trading system (“ATS”) regulated in the US, and market integrity and crypto-native risk monitoring leader Solidus Labs have entered into a strategic compliance partnership, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Ensuring the highest standards 

After undergoing an oversubscribed $27 million funding round in May, Oasis will continue its dramatic growth, ensuring the highest risk monitoring and compliance standards available in the digital asset markets.

Among the investors in the round were the Avalanche Fund, Redwood Trust, Inveniam, TrustLabs, Gate Ventures, Mirae Asset Ventures, and Ledger Prime.

Oasis Pro CEO Pat LaVecchia commented: 

Solidus Labs’ crypto-native approach and cutting-edge solutions for DeFi and crypto market integrity are the best choice to improve product quality and protect traders activity. Apart from  supporting our ability to maintain compliance and monitoring standards short-term, Solidus’ focus on crypto and DeFi advancement means the partnership will also allow us to respond to volatile markets and evolving regulations as the industry continues to mature and attract institutional investors.

Monitoring over a trillion events a day 

Solidus’ HALO, an automated, crypto-native, full-scale market integrity software suite, monitors more than 1 trillion events a day, protecting more than 25 million retail and institutional entities across more than 150 markets. 

One-platform access

The partnership will make it possible for Oasis Pro Markets to access a large number of compliance and risk programs within a single platform, using ML-powered detection models to address a range of crypto-specific alerts and threats. 

HALO supports case management, advanced investigative tools, 24/7 monitoring in real-time, and over 200 integration points. It will deliver insight to Oasis Pro Markets into market integrity and make it possible for it to identify potential data risks on- and off-chain.

Asaf Meir, founder and CEO of Solidus, said:

Oasis Pro’s great experience in traditional finance, combined with their DeFi and MakerDAO know-how, is what the industry needs to provide safe access to crypto, build sound infrastructure, and drive institutional and mainstream adoption. We’re thrilled to support Oasis’s important work, as well as strategically partner on important initiatives.

A pledge to crypto market integrity 

Oasis Pro is a member of the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition. Initiated by Solidus, it has well-known members like Coinbase, Gemini, Robinhood, and 34 other industry leaders, who have made a commitment to digital asset market integrity.

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