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Metacade Announced, Here’s Why We Think It Could Be the Next New Crypto To Buy

With everyone seeking the next best crypto to buy as the market remains bearish, metaverse tokens have come into focus as a possible with the most growth potential. A smart, new kid on the metaverse block, Metacade, has just been announced, and talk around the industry watercooler indicates it could be the next big thing.

Today, we’re going to dive into this up-and-coming project and look at some of the core reasons why Metacade could become the next best new crypto to buy in 2023.

Why Should You Invest in the Metaverse?

It’s worth mentioning the potential upsides of investing in the metaverse in the first place. According to ReportLinker, the global metaverse market is projected to grow from £54.6 billion in 2022 to a massive £377.1 billion in 2027 – a whopping 590% increase in five years

Similarly, Crypto.com reports that blockchain-based gaming is expected to grow 10x faster than regular gaming. The growth in players and investment is likely to be immense, and metaverse projects could be a leading crypto investment producing substantial returns in the future.

What is Metacade?

At its core, Metacade is an online hangout for the Web3 community to meet, play, and discover the best games amongst like-minded peers. But more than that, Metacade plans to extend its platform from an enthusiast hub into a GameFi development resource – creating novel opportunities for both developers and gamers alike.

By focusing on the interests of its community, Metacade intends to involve gamers with the industry they love, putting game development back into the hands of the community. The team behind Metacade is creating a space where players can be rewarded for enhancing the platform, whether through interactions with game developers, or simply staking their exclusive MCADE tokens to support the future. 

Why Could Metacade Be the Next Best New Crypto to Buy?

An All-In-One Platform

An important aspect of the Web3 culture places an emphasis on decentralisation. While great in terms of fairness, decentralisation offers challenges from an organisational perspective – as it frequently means that resources are spread out, potentially leading to uneven access to platforms offering Play2Earn.

Metacade aims to bring the best of both aspects together: a platform that has everything you could need in one place, while maintaining decentralisation. They’re doing this by bridging different aspects, like Chat, Play, Learn, Work, and Grants, while allowing the future of Metacade to be determined by the community through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Ultimately, this means that more players will have access to incredible opportunities, all within one platform.

Kickstart Your GameFi Career

In 2024, Metacade is planning to launch their Work area formally. This will see game developers posting jobs for the Metacade community that range from testing games for a few hours to a full-time salaried role working with some of the cutting-edge companies at the forefront of Web3.

Right now, finding these opportunities relies heavily on knowing the right people or the best places to look. Metacade aims to allow everyone equal access, focusing on talent, not who you know.

Funding For Grassroots Development

One of Metacade’s most thoughtful plans for the future is the launch of Metagrants. Metagrants are a unique opportunity for the gaming community to fund their favorite projects through voting systems. Developers post potential ideas, and players can vote on their favourites. The winning developers receive grants to help them develop a project which has inherent support. Players may also participate later in testing, as well as giving feedback through early-access.

Eventually, Metacade plans to have a virtual arcade filled with titles created and endorsed by the Metacade community, and this characteristic suggests it could be the best new crypto to look into moving forward.

Earn More From Play2Earn

One of Metacade’s primary goals is to expand the access the average Play2Earn player has to the best information about the latest titles. Metacade plans to make this data accessible by featuring a review system, leaderboards, and content bases where users can share the latest tips for making the most out of their games – and get paid for it.

When you post a review, for example, you’ll be rewarded with Metacade’s token, MCADE. What about if you make a post about maximising your income from a particular game? You’ll also be paid. 

Should You Consider Metacade as One of the Best New Cryptos to Buy?

In searching through what’s out there, looking for the next opportunity, the unique aspects of Metacade make it a strong contender for the future. Given its strong community focus and detailed, realistic vision for the future, Metacade is likely to make waves into the future of the metaverse.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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