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How is the Utility Token, Metacade (MCADE), Different from that of Aave (AAVE) and Enjin (ENJ)?

With such a huge variety of cryptocurrency tokens around, working out which one to choose can be confusing. With a lot of talk about the potential of the MCADE token on the Metacade platform, it’s worth considering how this could revolutionize metaverse gaming. We can then see how it compares to the AAVE and ENJ tokens. 

Metacade – A Top Investment Opportunity 

Metacade is more than a metaverse project, it’s a community-driven gaming hub with many monetization opportunities. This makes the platform’s native MCADE token a good diversification option for crypto investors. Metacade’s ingenious blend of the metaverse, play-to-earn gaming, and community activity makes its MCADE token a stand-out investment opportunity. 

To understand the opportunity it presents, consider the upcoming presale of MCADE. With 1.4 billion tokens that start at just $0.008 before rising to a cost of $0.020, the launch of the MCADE token is designed to reward those investors who recognize its potential and get involved early. To fully understand the future prospects of Metacade, let’s compare it with a couple of other tokens and see how it differs from and improves on their models.

AAVE and ENJ holders are starting to invest in Metacade

The Metacade project has attracted interest from many investors, including those who’ve already held the likes of AAVE and ENJ tokens. Here’s why.

Aave is an open-source liquidity protocol that allows users to deposit their assets, stake, and borrow. The AAVE token is also used by the community to vote on the decisions that affect them. It’s currently sitting at over $85 and has reached as high as $666 at one point.

ENJ is the token used by the Enjin protocol, which was set up in 2009 to help the gaming community. It’s a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be earned by playing games and used to pay for items on gaming platforms. This price history in this case is more modest with a maximum of over $4.85 and a current value of just under $0.50.

While these tokens have gained a degree of popularity, the arrival of the Metacade project has given these Aave and Enjin holders another option to consider adding to their portfolios. 

What is Metacade? 

Metacade is an innovative new metaverse project that gives players access to immersive arcade games and gives them a sense of ownership over the space. As a platform that brings together like-minded gamers, crypto investors, and developers in real time, we can expect Metacade to be a huge part of the metaverse.

While a lot of projects in Web3 are focused on only one or two game titles, Metacade is offering players a whole arcade to enjoy. Here they can take part in play-to-earn gaming and connect with developers to create new games that people actually want to play!

As part of a Web3 community and metaverse gaming hub, the tokenomics model encourages a self-sustaining ecosystem via the native coin MCADE. With MCADE, users decide on what games get developed and what the future of Metacade looks like. To earn additional income, users can also stake their tokens, get involved with game testing and be rewarded for community engagement. Metacade will also reward game developers with Metagrants, a source of funding, to create games for the platform. 

A supply of 1.4 billion MCADE tokens is being offered in the presale. The lower initial price is set to reward investors for getting on-board at this early stage and look for the price to rise over time. The revenue generating model is then designed to keep the profits ticking over and help the token to rise in value as its demand increases.

Will Metacade surpass AAVE and ENJ?

It can be difficult to predict what happens next in the cryptocurrency scene and impossible to guarantee a token will reach a certain value.  However, what we can determine is whether a new project provides the potential that could see its value rise to overtake other tokens on the market.

With Metacade, the buzz that’s building around the presale makes it seem that it will hit the ground running. A look at the roadmap for this project shows that the next few stages are clearly marked, with the presale at the end of 2022 to be followed by the token being listed on various top exchanges in early 2023. Looking at all that, eyes are glued on MCADE as it could shoot past AAVE and ENJ.

Is Metacade a long-term investment?

Metacade is a token with a solid concept, sturdy ecosystem, and dedicated team behind it. Despite the crypto market taking a downturn in 2022, there are still metaverse projects, like Metacade, that have solid future prospects, making them wise long-term investments.

In the case of Metacade, the developers have designed a clever combination of metaverse, gaming, and cryptocurrency investment all in one place. As the web3 community grows and people become more comfortable with the virtual world, interest in these activities is only set to increase and turn Metacade into a go-to metaverse hub of the future.

It’s worth bearing in mind that digital currencies can be worthwhile in a number of ways, from beating inflation to diversifying an investment portfolio. With the world currently being gripped by all sorts of political uncertainty and financial upheaval, it’s easy to see why people are turning to these tokens as a sort of safe haven for their money. In terms of Metacade specifically, the model employed seems certain to help the MCADE token to grow in strength and value once it’s listed on the main exchanges in early 2023.

Should I buy Metacade, AAVE, or ENJ?

These three tokens all do different things and have different evangelists. By taking a macro view of their functions and the current ecosystem surrounding them, we can say that the Metacade metaverse gaming project is currently most highly recommended for investment. It provides a better ecosystem and a fresh approach, while the AAVE and ENJ coins have both failed to live up to their early promise. 

The strong community aspect, key partnerships, and incentives mentioned in their white paper suggest that MCADE should get off to a strong start once launched. Early investors will be hoping to see their presale purchase immediately give them a return once it’s listed on the major exchanges. 

Is Metacade worth buying?

All the information out there points towards an answer that says Metacade is a highly recommended purchase for several powerful reasons.

The cryptocurrency market could be set to bounce back from a difficult few months and it’s certain that the strongest projects continue to be backed heavily by savvy investors. Metacade falls into that category because of the exciting combination that it offers of the metaverse, arcade gaming, and a token with excellent earning potential.

With a presale that starts with tokens at just $0.008 before gradually ramping up the price, this is a worthwhile project that is turning a lot of heads and is well worth getting involved in before the price shoots up.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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