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GensoKishi Online: The Metaverse Reincarnation of a Classic Game

GensoKishi OnlineWhat is GensoKishi Online?

Gensokishi Online is a web3 Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the classic web2 game Elemental Knights, a popular game that has been running for 14 years on smartphones and consoles with over 8 million gamers. Gensokishi makes its debut on Polygon’s POS chain and promises an immersive experience filled with adventures. 

Key Takeaways:

  • GensoKishi Online is a decentralized game built on the Polygon POS chain. It is a role-playing game that caters to multiple playstyles.

  • GensoKishi features NFT collectibles, environments, play-to-earn, and incentives that attempt to give back to gamers and attract more users to the platform.

  • In the future, Genso will also include UGC to create a vibrant world beyond that of the main game story. 

GensoKishi Online is live on the Polygon network, taking MMORPGs to the next level with web3 features like NFTs and tokens. Gamers can choose between different classes and go on adventures, or even choose to focus on the earning and trading aspect of the game, where items can be traded like conventional NFTs.

Another interesting feature of GensoKishi Online is its LAND feature, which will focus on encouraging user-generated content (UGC), by equipping players to create their own games hosted on their owned LAND. 

What You Can Do on Genso

Wander through the world of Genso, explore the immersive experience, and deploy your gaming prowess in the adventurous ecosystem. GensoKishi Online presents a range of activities you can engage in.

Go on Adventures

Create a character and go on thrilling adventures, defeating the monsters and villains scattered across the world. As you defeat more monsters and complete quests, you’ll be able to level up your character and earn better rewards. 

As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s class, while continuing to equip them with more powerful items earned in game, or purchasing cosplay gear through Treasure Boxes. When facing challenging enemies, you can also party with friends and other players and overcome these stages together!

If you receive drops that aren’t specific to your chosen class, you can always sell them on the secondary marketplace for USDT or MV

Marketplace Trading

NFT items on GensoKishi can be traded on the native GensoKishi NFT marketplace or any other NFT marketplace where they are accepted, such as OpenSea. For players that are more interested in playing as a merchant, flipping items on the marketplace, they can buy and sell Genso NFTs. Data from Opensea shows a floor price of 5.7 MATIC for GensoKishi NFTs and over 900 ETH worth of GensoKishi NFTs traded at the time of writing. Listed items include character costumes, swords, other weapons, and tickets.


Apart from earning through in-game reward items and trading game NFTs, you can stake to earn GensoKishi tokens. Metaverse (MV) and ROND are the native tokens of GensoKishi Online. The Metaverse token (MV) can be staked on the staking dApp, where staking rewards are distributed in ROND tokens.

Buy LAND and Create Your Own World

On GensoKishi Online you can purchase a LAND and build your own unique world! LAND on GensoKishi comes in different sizes and enables the creation of a unique world hosted on the blockchain. You can customize your LAND with personalized NFTs and games through user generated content (UGC) – more on this later –  and even generate revenue by opening it up to other gamers and their characters. This could involve setting an entrance fee for gamers who are visiting your LAND, or trading unique NFT LAND items. 

How to Play GensoKishi Online

Ready to enter the world of GensoKishi?

Visit your device’s application store to download and install the game. GensoKishi Online is available for web, Android and iOS

First, select your language. GensoKishi Online is available in Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese.

Select your server and allow for extra downloads to be completed.

You will then be referred to a login platform, where you can enter your details if you already have a GensoKishi account, or register for a new account if you are a new user.

On the next screen you can start the game by clicking Game Start, and you can also import any GensoKishi NFT or fungible game tokens you already own.

Genso Sign up

On clicking Game Start, you will be redirected to the game.


GensoKishi lets you select a gender for your gaming character.

Game characters assume any of the four basic game classes; Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, or Thief. Your starting character is likely to be a Fighter if you randomize your character choice.

You can also edit your character’s features, such as their eyes or hairstyle, along with selecting your preferred class.

My selected character is Will, a Fighter. Let’s go on an adventure!

Game Extras

To import your NFT and other gaming Items from an external account or export your in-game items, select the desired action from the top right corner of your screen and select the type of item you wish to export or import. You can export or import NFTs and in-game tokens (MV and ROND).

You can also create multiple characters through the character creation tab to create a new character anytime in the game.

Click on Settings to modify available features.

Click on News to see project updates and also marketplace updates. You can click on the GensoKishi Online marketplace to trade game items.

GensoKishi Online Marketplace

The GensoKishi marketplace hosts all purchasable items in the game: character costumes, LANDS, and tickets. Browse through the marketplace to equip your character and improve your character using special consumption items. You can also raise a new character by purchasing special eggs on the marketplace. Eggs give a hint of what they will hatch into and can be purchased using the Metaverse (MV) token and USDT.

You can also purchase special items like membership cards and treasure boxes. You can list your items on the marketplace and earn when they are purchased by other gamers or collectors.

To see what items you own, you can click on My Inventory.

Tokens on Genso: Metaverse and ROND

 Metaverse (MV) and ROND are the native fungible tokens of the GensoKishi game and are used to run the affairs of the game alongside other accepted currencies on the platform like USDT. 

ROND is the reward token of the ecosystem and an amount of ROND tokens is allocated for the daily reward of MV stakers. ROND is intended to be a stable token, and the game developers hint at an arbitrage system to keep the price stable and keep the value in the game close to the value on exchanges. Note that while users can earn ROND in-game, they’ll need to use MV to withdraw ROND.

ROND is used to purchase in-game items, base weapons, and protectors; it is also used to participate in special adventures and selected modes. It is used when strengthening and training base equipment and also when players want to warp between maps and shorten the travel time. Other use cases for the ROND token include being used as an entry fee to events and UGC maps (Private LANDs) and also as fees paid to take part in a hosted challenge. ROND can be traded on ByBit and QuickSwap.

According to information from the official project website, the Metaverse token (MV) is the name of the currency used outside the game to form the Metaverse. Owning MV tokens gives the holder various rights outside and inside the game. For example, MV holders stand a chance of buying game equipment at a discount price. MV is also the governance token of GensoKishi Online, where MV holders get to decide on new decisions through voting. MV holders also participate in closed testing programs for new releases and own the rights to produce and sell UGCs.

Within the game, MV holders can also purchase lands and participate in auction programs to create LANDs and new monsters. Players also need MV to enforce and repair in-game skins, which consume MV. 

MV holders can also earn passive income by staking their tokens on the staking dApp, and staking rewards are distributed in ROND tokens, along with the chance to receive surprise NFT airdrops. MV tokens can be purchased on Kucoin, Kraken, Uniswap, ByBit, and Gate Exchange.

LAND in the Genso Metaverse

One interesting feature of GensoKishi are LANDs, of which the main game is only a fraction of the total area. Players can also own their own LAND and integrate these into the game, as briefly mentioned above.

LAND gives players an opportunity to create their own experiences, while brands can create a customized experience for players who visit. This personalized terrain can be opened to other gamers and turned into a revenue-generation venture. Landowners can set an entry fee for gamers who wish to explore their LAND and launch special NFT items that can only be used on their LAND.

LAND on Genso costs anywhere between $500 to over $2,000, ranging in size from 2×2 to 12×12. Genso Metaverse LAND can be plain lands or already developed terrains, which can be re-sold on the marketplace.

Create and Trade UGC – Coming Soon!

An upcoming feature of GensoKishi Online is User Generated Content (UGC) which allows users to create their own gaming items and register them as part of the official game items. Registered creators can produce unique items and develop new terrains which become a part of the game. Information from the game’s website hints at plans to open up this feature to companies that wish to create items and design lands that (may or may not) portray their brands. UGC creators retain the production rights to these items and can trade them on the game’s marketplace. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for your next gameFi experience? GensoKishi might just fit in perfectly! With a vast option of roles and gaming environments, you could just find yourself lost in the adventures it presents while along with added features like exploring LAND and UGC. 

Gaming on the blockchain is shaping up to be the next stage of evolution for mobile and desktop gaming. The developers aim to deliver an experience as spectacular as that we have witnessed on web2 games, with web3 advantages like giving players control over their style of playing and in-game items.

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Note also that this article is only educational and designed to introduce you to the Gensokishi game, and should not be taken as financial advice.