• Wed. May 29th, 2024

ELONgevity anti-aging project raises $300k in first ELON use case

David Gobel, CEO of Methuselah Foundation, has introduced a project called ELONgevity to support anti-aging initiatives and give members suffering from terminal illnesses access to promising experimental therapies, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

The project tries to prolong lives by working actively to get terminal patients enrolled in relevant clinical trials. 

300 testers pay $1k in ELON 

Currently, the project is recruiting 300 Alpha Testers, each of whom will pay $1,000 in Dogelon Mars (ELON) tokens to take part in the ELONgevity Protection Clearing House. 

This is the first real use case for ELON outside the Dogelon Mars community and is one of the first crypto uses to grant valuable off-chain utility.

The project will find programs that offer terminally diagnosed people support or medical teams working on experimental treatments. 

$50k for treatment and associated expenses

Members will get $50,000 each to cover treatment expenses and associated accommodation and travel costs. The survivor will get the contract value if the patient dies.

After deducting costs, all member payments will go toward longevity research because Methuselah Foundation, which runs the project, is a nonprofit organization. 

David Gobel, CEO and co-founder of Methuselah Foundation, commented: 

The Methuselah Foundation is connecting longevity research to the real world on both individual and social levels. Its work will motivate research to help us achieve our mission. By 2030, we want to make 90 the new 50. The project will attempt to give patients access to experimental research, giving them one last chance to fight their terminal illness.

About the Methuselah Foundation

ELONgevity Protection Project is the Foundation’s most recent initiative. The Foundation is a biomedical charity organization founded in 2001. It is the leading biomedical charity focused on extending the healthy human lifespan.

It was named after Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather in the Hebrew Bible, who lived to be 969.

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