• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

ChainPort becomes first bridge for permissionless porting to Dogechain

ChainPort has become the first cross-chain bridge to support permissionless token porting to Dogechain. With ChainPort’s assistance, users can easily transfer tokens from several supported blockchain ecosystems to Dogechain, Coin Journal learned from an exclusive press release. 

Supported chains include Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Fantom, with additional native token support to be added soon.

Wide range of possibilities 

This new bridging option provides a wide range of new possibilities for projects that want to join the expanding Dogechain ecosystem.

Expanding ChainPort’s bridging support to Dogechain is yet another significant milestone. Increasing interoperability securely between as many chains as possible is part of ChainPort’s mission.   

A leading L2 solution for Dogecoin 

Dogechain is a layer-2 solution developed for Dogecoin (DOGE) built on the Polygon Edge “private label” framework. 

Dogecoin holders can access smart-contract functionalities such as DeFi services, DAOs, NFTs, and gaming projects. Dogechain claims to be focused on its community with no VC allocations.

All transactions on Dogechain are settled in DOGE

A unique DC token will be airdropped to Dogecoin holders later this year. These DC tokens will enable users to partake in proof of stake governance on Dogechain. 

It is important to note that Dogechain and Dogecoin are not affiliated. While the new blockchain expands Dogecoin’s use case, both projects have different development teams.  

ChainPort’s team commented:

Our mission is to increase interoperability securely between as many chains as possible. As we become the first and only bridge to allow porting altcoins to Dogechain, we mark a significant milestone for our project.

About ChainPort  

ChainPort is a cross chain, next-gen bridge offering complete interoperability with custodian-level security. 95% of user funds are held in cold wallets offline. 

The bridge’s security level is unprecedented. With just a click, tokens are transferred across blockchains safely.

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