• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Bitcoin Dogs hits an impressive $9.2M, presale ends next week

  • Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG): Just six days to go before presale ends
  • Analysts are bullish on Bitcoin price and the ecosystem building on top of the network.
  • Bitcoin Dogs is one of the projects likely to dominate the NFT and game ecosystems on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Dogs (0DOG) is on an astounding run, with the world’s first-ever ICO on Bitcoin hitting an impressive $9.2 million raised in just 24 days.

With crypto bullish and Bitcoin Dogs just six days off its presale end, the project could be poised to comfortably surpass its target of $9.5 million.

Bitcoin Dogs and Bitcoin (BTC) sentiment

Bitcoin’s price surge to an all-time high above $70k on Friday has the investors eyeing the next big rally – the post halving pump.

In the quest to position for the parabolic gains that could follow across the altcoin market, investors are aggressively positioning with top tokens.

This outlook is also helped by the overall sentiment around equities, with tech stocks seeing a decent run as analysts say the US Federal Reserve is likely hesitant to cut rates. The question of high consumer prices remains crucial. 

According to analysts, the Fed’s thinking may be that lowering rates could exacerbate inflation.

The market now anticipates the Fed to start cutting rates in the second half of the year, with this likely to coincide with the post-halving supply shock and other catalysts to boost BTC price. That rally in Bitcoin will also herald a new altseason, and investors are eying this potential late 2024 and 2025 with bets on promising projects.

Bitcoin Dogs in an emerging 500 billion Bitcoin ecosystem

Bitcoin Dogs launched the presale of its native token 0DOG on February 14, 2024. In a little over three weeks, its community has grown to over 134,000 on X and nearly 23,000 on Telegram.

Meanwhile, the ICO has attracted over $9.2 million, with the 30-day presale countdown flying by amid massive investor interest. 

Bitcoin Dogs has flourished in presale amid the growth witnessed in the Bitcoin ecosystem with regard to NFTs, BRC-20 tokens and decentralized finance (DeFi). The gaming component is also having a big splash as developers look to build on Bitcoin’s secure and decentralized network.

Projects such as Stacks (STX) have experienced a significant price spike as BTC roared towards its all-time high. With the Fear & Greed Index reaching extreme greed levels, AI tokens, GameFi and meme coins all soared.

Analysts have said that its still “very early” for Bitcoin (BTC) and that the Bitcoin network is a potential $500 billion market for NFTs, gaming and DeFi.

Could Bitcoin Dogs be the next big thing? The level of interest recorded during the project’s presale suggests 0DOG may currently be a big opportunity.

As of today, there are only six days to go before the Bitcoin Dogs presale ends on March 15, 2024. In this case, 0DOG at the current $0.0343 price looks like a real bargain.

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