• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Binance’s Halloween ‘crypto creepers’ series looks to debunk Web3 myths

  • Binance says ‘Winny the Web3 Witch’ will help ‘take the creepy’ out of crypto and Web3.
  • Binance has unveiled a new educational series it says should do the trick when it comes to the latest efforts towards proving crypto isn’t as scary as it is painted to be. 

It’s Hallowen season and the creepers are set to go loose, meaning more scary stories are ripe for the telling. 

But Binance says its ‘Winny the Web3 Witch’ will sniff out all the crypto creeps. In short, the leading crypto exchange is saying that this Halloween – crypto or Web3 won’t be one of the things to be frightened of.

Debunking the world of Web3 myths

Crypto is approaching its teens after Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, but even then, many people still find it a tough space to enter. 

According to Binance this shouldn’t be and demystifying the spooky aspects via the ‘crypto creepers’ series will make crypto less creepier than it has been made to look.

Winny the Web3 Witch’,  Binance’s educational series designed to debunk FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and other common myths about crypto, is set to go live on Twitter (the trailer is here).

The series will unpack most of the uncertainty and offer access to independent research and other facts to dispel the fear and the doubt, including hocus pocus such as crypto use is mostly by criminals.

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