• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

The Next StepN is Coming – 8uddy, the Companion AI Product in the Web3 Space, Positioned to Become the Next Big Trend

An all-around introduction to the new project 8uddy, allowing users to fully understand the development prospects and core advantages of this project, and helping users discover the most potential projects before the arrival of the Web3 bull market.

8uddy is not just a pet product; it’s a platform for artificial intelligence-generated meta-pets. Using advanced AI technology, 8uddy offers users a one-of-a-kind virtual companion. These virtual partners can engage in real-time conversations, develop unique personalities through continuous learning, remember user preferences, join in daily activities, and play a crucial role in users’ lives by providing genuine emotional companionship and interaction. 

8uddy combines the decentralized nature of Web3 with AI’s interactive capabilities, leveraging blockchain technology for secure interactions and data transparency while using AI to enable Meta Pets to grow and respond to their owners genuinely. 

Visually, 8uddy’s exceptional art style and production quality bring creative, vibrant, and expressive virtual environments and character designs to users, offering an immersive visual experience that sets 8uddy apart in the market.

The founding team is reported to be extremely formidable. They have successful experience in AI+Web3 projects and are highly skilled in independent research and development. The R&D team members are all from top companies with over 10 years of industry experience. Additionally, the team has operated projects totaling billions of dollars in the marketing field. The company’s management team has experience in managing billions of assets and mature resource integration. Furthermore, the founding team has brought in blockchain industry experts, globally renowned AI specialists, and well-known game producers.

8uddy’s development roadmap is clear and visionary, starting from initial personal profile pictures (PFP) to Telegram and Miniapp integrations, and then moving onto comprehensive main applications and DAO governance. Each step aims to deepen user engagement and progressively expand its influence in the digital world. In the future, 8uddy plans to go global, achieving true global brand influence and market share.

These are some of the unique experiences of the 8uddy product:

  1. Web3 Integration and Economic System: The team has dedicated 18 months to refining 8uddy’s economic model to create a resilient revenue distribution system and rewarding gameplay, offering players an ultimate Play-to-Earn (P2E) experience.
  2. High Customizability: Users can deeply customize their 8uddy’s appearance, behavior patterns, and conversational style, ensuring each 8uddy reflects its owner’s personality and preferences.
  3. High-Quality Graphics and Animation Standards: The game utilizes the latest graphics technology to deliver high-quality visual effects and smooth animations, creating realistic and captivating virtual pets and environments.
  4. Global Community Support: 8uddy’s player base spans the globe, with multi-language interfaces and global servers to ensure seamless enjoyment for players from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The main app is not yet released, but the team has launched an ultra-casual Miniapp featuring 8uddy on Telegram. The gameplay is simple, and the TG community activities are very engaging. By spending just a little time each day, you can earn thousands of points, which will secure future airdrops of PFPs and tokens. Follow the official TG community: https://t.me/+QJdRJHm5tUs3YmFl, and type ‘/’ in the search box → play to experience it.

Step 1: Players can see the hint word on 8uddy’s blackboard, but 8uddy itself cannot see it.

Step 2: Players must provide a hint in less than 50 characters, with up to 8 attempts. If 8uddy guesses correctly on the first try, the linking point (i.e., intimacy) increases by 188. If 8uddy guesses correctly within three tries, the linking point increases by 88. If 8uddy fails to guess correctly after three tries, one life is lost.

PS. Whether 8uddy guesses correctly or not, one life is consumed for each attempt. Players have only 8 lives per day.

Join 8uddy for a new value journey at the intersection of AI and Web3 gaming – where emotional needs meet technological innovation. Say goodbye to loneliness and hello to your virtual soulmate!

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